WP Super Cache Vulnerability Affects Over 2 Million Sites

WP Super Cache Vulnerability Affects Over 2 Million Sites

A vulnerability was found out in WP Super Cache by Automattic. The vulnerability could enable a hacker to upload and execute destructive code, normally with the intent to acquire management of the site.

Distant Code Execution Vulnerability (RCE)

A flaw was disclosed right now that exposes people of WP Super Cache to an authenticated remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability.

Distant code Execution is an exploit that makes it possible for an attacker to get gain of a flaw that can allow them upload and run malicious code.


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The regular intent is to upload and execute PHP code that then permits them to do items like set up backdoors, obtain and make adjustments to the database and attain administrator amount management of the internet site.

As soon as an attacker has administrator degree control the website is efficiently beneath their manage.

In accordance to the glossary posted on Wordfence.com, this is the definition of a Distant Code Execution

“Remote Code Execution (RCE) happens when an attacker is ready to upload code to your web page and execute it.

A bug in a PHP application might accept person input and evaluate it as PHP code. This could, for case in point, allow an attacker to convey to the website to generate a new file made up of code that grants the attacker whole access to your internet site.

When an attacker sends code to your internet software and it is executed, granting the attacker access, they have exploited an RCE vulnerability. This is a pretty severe vulnerability because it is generally straightforward to exploit and grants complete entry to an attacker promptly just after staying exploited.”


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Authenticated Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

WP Tremendous Cache is made up of a variation of the RCE exploit named the Authenticated Remote Code Execution.

An authenticated Remote Code Execution vulnerability is an assault in which the attacker have to to start with be registered with the web site.

What degree of registration is required relies upon on the actual vulnerability and can fluctuate.

At times it requires to be a registered consumer with editing privileges. In the worst case circumstance all the attacker requirements is the least expensive registration level this kind of as a subscriber level.

No facts have been printed as to which form of authentication is desired for the exploit.

This is the added depth that was discovered:

“Authenticated Distant Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability (configurations website page) discovered…”

Patch Has Been Issued Update Right away

Automattic, the developer of WP Super Cache has current the software. Publishers who use the plugin are urged to contemplate upgrading to the most recent edition, 1.7.2.

Each application publisher publishes a changelog that tells the customers what is in an update so they know why the application is getting up-to-date.

According to the changelog for WP Super Cache Version 1.7.2:

“Fixed authenticated RCE in the configurations web page.”

Failure to update the application could expose some publishers to unwelcome intrusions.


WordPress WP Super Cache Plugin <= 1.7.1 – Authenticated Remote Code Execution (RCE) Vulnerability

WP Super Cache Changelog

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