Top accessories for iPhone 11

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Top accessories for iPhone 11

Everyone knows that new smartphones –θήκες κινητών– call for new accessories! And when it comes to the newest iPhone that Apple has released, you would want to have the top accessories for it! We have gathered our favorite accessories and we are going to present them to you right now! Keep reading to find out more about the top accessories for iPhone 11.

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Sturdy cases

The first thing that you want to get for your iPhone is a sturdy case. You were meant to protect the outer sides of your case since they are very vulnerable you would not want to have dents and scratches from the first days of its use. What we suggest you to do is to buy a sturdy case before you order or buy your new iPhone.

You might sacrifice a little bit of your style in order to get this sturdy case but we guarantee that this case will last forever and that your phone will be totally safe in it. Just make sure to spend a little more money on your cases so that you are definite about their quality and materials! And always research before buying one as well as read any comments from previous customers!

Bluetooth headphones

And accessory that everything you need in your life it is the Bluetooth headphones. Either AirPods which is a product of Apple or Bluetooth headphones from other companies, you need these things in your life. If you are a person who is working out and you need some thing to come back and small to keep you company when you are exercising then AirPods are exactly what you need as they come in a tiny case and have a great battery life.

On the other hand there are people who prefer something bulkier like headphones that go over your head so that they have the support they need either when they are working out or taking a walk or just riding the bus. For these people overhead earbuds are just what they need. Bluetooth accessories in general are really worth buying for iPhone users -especially after the iPhone 7 which comes without a headphone jack.

Having Bluetooth accessories will allow you to charge your phone while you’re listening to music without any trouble.


If you are the kind of person who is using their phone for business related purposes then this section is for you. The new iPhone 11, the 11 Pro and generally the 11 series will be your best friend if you are into business. For that matter and if you are always on the go, and Bluetooth keyboard might be your new best friend. You can find very thin, compact and really effective keyboards in the market or online, that will instantly transform your phone into a laptop.

Imagine being on a train or on vacation and you happen to not have your laptop with you and you are in need to do some work. Having a small compact keyboard like this one will transform your phone to laptop in a few seconds so that you can write documents, your emails and basically anything you need. This is a great addition to your accessory family as it will save you from a lot of trouble and of course it will also save you from carrying with you your bulky laptop all the time.

Instant photo printer

This accessory is not only for the teenagers and young adults who love to take pictures with their friends and family, but for anyone who likes to keep their memories. An instant photo printer will be a great accessory to have with you in excursions and vacation as it is a great way for you to preserve your memories. With this printer you can just snap a picture of you and your friends, your family and generally you loved ones and just open your instant photo printer and print it out!


This accessory is also great for events, weddings, christenings, birthday parties and basically any event that you and your friends are all together. It is a little bit expensive as it is more than $100, but it is a device that will accompany you anywhere. It is compact and the only thing you need to buy after that is the replacement paper which you can find online or physical stores.


Who doesn’t need a stand for his or her phone? Have you ever tried to watch a video or movie and your phone and it keeps falling on your face? This is why stands were made. To save you from the job of trying to put your iPhone 11 against something else so that you can watch a three minute video.

You can choose a stand made by words, plastic, silicone or basically any material you like as there are plenty of stands in the market. There are also some cases – thiki kinitou –with built-in stands for you to lay your phone down on tables and surfaces.

Wireless charging docks

As the iPhone 11 Pro supports wireless charging, you will need to invest on the wireless charging dock. It will save you from dropping your smartphone while it is charging with a cable, or stumbling on the cable and destroying your charger. It might not support wireless fast charging but it will definitely help with the wear of the cables.

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