Tips for buying your new cook top and oven


Modern cook tops are one of the greatest conveniences in the kitchen. It is the device that allows you to let go of your creativity and live unique moments of cooking and -ηλεκτρολόγοι Αθήνας – knows all about it.

So when you want to buy new cook top or oven and start market research, make sure you choose the product that best meets your needs. Some cook tops are quickly heated induction – ceramic, gas tops, easy to clean, in various sizes. Which option is right for you depends on your preferences, your needs, the layout of your kitchen and your household. The following guide will help you choose the cook tops that will be most suitable for you.

 Home type

The main factor in choosing the right cook top or oven is your cooking style. Some types of tops will suit you better than others. Of course, there are other factors to consider. For example, if you cook frequently, you should choose a model that offers many cooking zones or even accepts large cookware without any problems. Also, if children are moving at home, your first concern will be their safety.


In induction tops, the cooking surface is heated only under the cookware using less than half the energy compared to standard tops. Induction top cooking provides faster heating, improved thermal efficiency and more precise control.

Compared to conventional electric tops, inductors can reduce cooking time as much as half, while consuming significantly less energy. They offer a perfect fit of cookware, having the ability to choose between different sizes so that you can come up with the one that suits your cookware.

Induction tops are known for extremely easy cleaning, requiring only a wet cloth wipe. Because only the utensil is heated, in case something is spilt on the surface of the cook top it does not burn.



They use heating resistors under a glass-ceramic surface, which are heated and transfer heat to the selected cooking zone. In terms of performance, ceramic tops are a very good choice. They produce heat immediately and respond quickly to temperature changes. This results in faster cooking times and less energy consumption.

They also offer a perfect fit and the choice of different zones, so that they adapt directly and easily to the size of the cookware. So you can use pots and pans of any shape and size in the cook top. Many tops have additional large expandable zones. They are easy to clean and have a modern finish.

Gas Tops

Classic, non-electric gas tops are an excellent choice for those who want even easier heat control. Gas tops respond directly to your settings, allowing you to adjust the heat levels accurately. It is an ideal choice for cooking in the pan and especially for recipes that are cooked in a wok pan. The changes you make to the heat intensity are shown by the size of the blue flame. This helps in the safety of cooking and the gas supply is turned off every time the flame goes out.

Conventional tops (enamel)

You will choose enamelled tops either because you are used to them or because they seem simpler to use. Although ceramic and induction tops are gaining more and more ground, the most “traditional” solutions still have a place in user preferences. In fact, many enamel tops come with a wide variety of technical features, such as fast heating function, to meet your every need in cooking.

Autonomous – Non-autonomous

The noticeable difference between an autonomous and a non-autonomous cook top is that the former is self-contained on kitchen counters, a feature that makes it more flexible. In stand-alone stoves, switches and controls operate independently of the oven, so it is not necessary to place them directly on top of it. You can, for example, combine stand-alone stoves with an over-the-counter oven and save space at the bottom to place another appliance, such as a dishwasher.


“Domino” type cook tops allow you to combine different types of tops or other appliances – such as e.g. electric grill – to compose your own cooking zones that will fully meet your needs. For example, you can combine a double induction with gas and an electric grill.

Dimensions and Number of smooth top

Choose your stoves according to the space you have on your kitchen counter. First of all, you should keep in mind that your desktop should always be between 25 and 30mm deep so that the tops can fit, regardless of their size. Also, in built-in tops, the dimensions of wall mounting in cm refer to the opening of the bench on which they will be installed, and not to the dimensions of the hearth itself. From there, the larger the total area of ​​a cooking stove, the more cooking zones.

Indicatively, the smooth top with a width of 30-36 cm have 1 or 2 cooking zones, are ideal for small kitchens and are easily combined with other tops. Heaters up to 60 cm in size usually have 3 or 4 cooking zones and are an ideal solution for most households, providing several cooking options. The sizes from 75 to 90 cm are intended for tops that have up to 6 cooking zones, offering the possibility to cook larger meals. Ideal for a large family or even if you often invite people for food.


The smooth top, in addition to the functional part, can upgrade the look of your kitchen. If the overall look of your kitchen is a very important factor for you, then you should pay special attention to the right colour. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the house and you will definitely want it to stand out. The common colours for the smooth top black, stainless steel and white. These are versatile colours and can easily match the existing appliances and the overall colour palette of your kitchen. Of course, you can add contrast if you want, by choosing e.g. white smooth top if your kitchen counter is dark.

Automatic shutdown

Automatic shutdown is useful when a cooking zone is operating at the same power level for an unusually long time. So, even if you forget, the cooking zone will turn off automatically, ensuring even greater security.

There are models of induction – ceramic tops that allow you to set a cooking time for each zone separately. When the cooking time is over, the top will automatically turn off the belt and a bomber will notify you when the cooking is complete. This helps you relax during daily use of the kitchen, as you do not have to be constant over the stove. Depending on the model, you also can adjust the cooking zones independently so that they turn off automatically or use the timer regardless of the hearth’s functions.

Digital indications

The set cooking level and the functions you have selected are displayed digitally on an intuitive control panel. The ability to see at any time the setting you have selected for each zone separately, allows you to have complete control overcooking. In some models of ceramic-induction tops, the digital indicators are combined with a touchpad for easy adjustment of the hearth by touching a finger for even easier control during cooking.

Locking fuse

Prevents accidental level adjustments during cooking. The system lock protects against accidental or unauthorized activation, e.g. by children. Some models indicate residual heat so that everyone knows when it is safe to touch them.

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