Relationship Tips: “Are we having a bad day or has our spark died out?”

Relationship Tips: “Are we having a bad day or has our spark died out?”

We all go by way of “off” periods that can seep into our relationships, primarily an intimate one particular.

You may possibly be dealing with some rough dynamics at your place of work or other areas of your life that you cannot permit go of.

Whichever the case may well be, these “bad days” can have an affect on your skill to remain open up and hook up with your lover.

And this can undoubtedly be going on with your associate as properly.

But what if what you are enduring is not just the residue of a single or equally of you owning a “bad day”?

How can you notify if the spark has died and what can you do if it has?

These may perhaps feel like noticeable questions.

On the other hand, quite a few times we tend to lower price the disconnection we really feel in our adore relationship as a phase that will pass.

And a great deal of occasions, it definitely does. But occasionally, it does not

It may appear to be extra cozy for you to chock up the length you perceive between you and your partner as an “off” mood or to outside situations instead than accept that this may be a wake up phone for you and your marriage.

If you can relate, get our “spark” quiz…

  • Do you really feel hesitant to honestly share your emotions with your associate?
  • Do you favor to spend most of your time away from him or her?
  • Do you expertise boredom or dread when you and your really like are intimate— or are heading to be personal?
  • Do you two love expending time collectively consistently and routinely?
  • Do you often share moments of connection with every other– these can incorporate lovemaking but are not minimal to it.
  • Do you really feel pleased and fulfilled by your romantic relationship total?

It’s not our intention to scare you with these questions.

On the contrary, if you truly feel disconnection with the just one you really like, we encourage you to search further at what’s going on and make the needed shifts so that you two can take pleasure in the passion and closeness that you want.

But you just can’t flip toward link and re-commence the spark between by yourself and your husband or wife when you low cost what that gnawing feeling in your intestine may be making an attempt to inform you.

–>Important issues to talk to if you are thinking of whether or not to continue to be or go<–


Karen and Tomas seem to be in a rut. Their marriage of 20 years has been a relatively smooth one. Both are easy-going and neither has given the other a reason to doubt the commitment they both have to their relationship. More and more, however, Karen feels out of sorts, dull and even disappointed with her marriage. She loves Tomas deeply, but misses the passion and sense of aliveness that she perceives in other couples’ relationships.

Karen would like to talk with Tomas about how she feels, but she’s worried that she’ll hurt his feelings. After all, he’s done nothing wrong! Instead, Karen keeps her disappointed feelings locked inside and finds herself spending more and more time at a local art studio where she takes pottery classes.

Relationship Tips: Explore what sparks you and the stories you’re telling yourself.

There is nothing wrong with Karen spending time doing what she loves to do– making pottery. But if she is using the pottery as a way to avoid Tomas and the disconnected feelings she has about their relationship, then ultimately, she’s not helping either of them.

We recommend that if you feel like your relationship has lost its spark, take some time to rekindle it.

This starts with looking honestly at the stories you’re telling yourself about you, your relationship and your partner.

Also explore what makes you, personally, feel more alive and passionate about life.

Karen slows down and looks at the thoughts that she’s been believing that have further separated her from Tomas.

She realizes that she’s stopped talking with Tomas because she doesn’t think he wants to listen to anything she might share.

Sharing her excitement about creating pottery and showing him a few of her pieces is a place for her to start.

It might be a starting point for finding out what is interesting to him.

They don’t have to share these interests but listening to each other to find out more deeply what they each enjoy can be a way to being connecting.

Relationship Tips: Act on your spark inspirations.

Karen decides to invite Tomas to a date cruising in the mountains like they used to do together many years ago.  She sees the wisdom in not having “the talk” about creating more spark in their relationship but rather being more open to feeling more connected with him.

It’s not that you can’t talk about ways to re-ignite the spark.

It’s that usually having “the talk” usually just creates defensiveness and anger.

When you’re feeling connected, you both can talk about what you want more of in your relationship and focus your energies in that direction.

You might find that there are new things that bring you closer and more connected with your partner.

It’s likely that when you both focus on exploring a new form of intimacy, they’ll be a new sense of aliveness and passion into your relationship.

The two of us have found over the years that keeping the spark alive is not a “one and done” sort of thing.

It’s an ongoing attitude that we carry from moment to moment of love, a willingness to not take things personally,  an openness to exploring each other with curiosity and seeing our beloved and ourselves with new eyes.

Sure low moods and “bad” days happen for all of us.

You’ll be able to tell the difference as you explore what you both want in your relationship and life as your connection and spark unfolds.

If the spark has died in your relationship (or seems to have) and have questions, contact us here…


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