Pros of private tutoring for kids


Pros of private tutoring for kids

It’s Helen, the the fourth grader, her grades –ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα– are in free fall and you have decided to call on a private tutor as you can not help her yourself.
Knowing that on the one hand, you will entrust the school recovery of your precious treasure to an unknown teacher, certainly a teacher, but still unknown and that on the other hand, the cost of this teacher is far from being negligible, it is appropriate first instead of asking the right questions! We are here to answer them thoroughly, just keep reading!

When to react and hire a tutor?

Depending on the child, some stages are more difficult to go through than others. The diagnosis of difficulties is made by a drop in grades or by a change in the child’s behavior towards schoolwork.
If an accident can be the cause of a bad grade, a succession of disappointing grades must react.

Start by talking about it with your child and then meet with their teachers to understand the real cause of the change: simple gaps or demobilization. With these elements, you will be able to make the right decisions. The sooner the better because it allows you to break with a logic of failure that is often very rapid.

Why can a private tutor be more effective than parents?

A neutral person will bring a new perspective to the sometimes tense situation between parents and child.
The relationship that will be created with the private teacher, in “big brother” mode if it is a student, in “home school” mode if it is a teacher, will allow us to work on the gaps, misunderstood parts of the lessons in a neutral and constructive atmosphere. Remember, children do not need someone to control them, on the contrary they are in need of someone to trust.

The choice of private tutor must be made with the collaboration of the child, to ensure the success of the tutoring. Many children find their tutors unfit and unsuitable for their own needs and character, therefore there is no cooperation and you are having the opposite results. Hire a responsible tutor who embraces the character of your child and helps them develop themselves.

Private lessons, one-off or permanent help?

Catching up on shortcomings, assimilating working methods, understanding the instructions… are actions that take time.
The private teacher must allow the child to progress, to unlock, to think for himself in order to become autonomous.
Often, tutoring lasts until the end of the current school year. And even if after a few private lessons the grades go up and the child starts to regain self-confidence, maintain the support for a while in order to consolidate this fragile confidence which can, at the slightest bad note, be lost again.

How to make these support courses as effective as possible?

Establishing a liaison book between parents and the private teacher makes it possible to follow the work accomplished, to compare the results with the objectives set at the start of the period, and finally to give instructions to the tutor.
For the tutoring to go as well as possible, it is important to set objectives at the start, tangible objectives and in the short or medium term, such as making up for deficiencies in mental arithmetic, the application of grammar rules, the organization of his ideas before writing …
The stake is not only on the notes, but especially on the confidence that the child will take in him.

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