Mining Reddit for Content Ideas in 5 Steps – Whiteboard Friday

Mining Reddit for Content Ideas in 5 Steps - Whiteboard Friday

For marketers, Reddit is extra than a resource to although absent your lunch break. It truly is a huge, flourishing forum with subreddits devoted to just about any matter you can think about — and fascinating new written content strategies lurk inside threads, just ready to be uncovered. In this edition of Whiteboard Friday, Daniel Russell takes you through five easy ways to mine Reddit for content ideas bolstered by your concentrate on audience’s fascination.

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Howdy, Moz admirers. Welcome to a different edition of Whiteboard Friday. My name is Daniel Russell. I am from an company identified as Go Fish Digital. Right now we’re going to be speaking about mining Reddit for articles ideas.

Reddit, you’ve got in all probability read of it, but in case you have not, it can be just one of the biggest internet sites on the world-wide-web. It will get billions of sights and clicks per 12 months. Persons go there for the reason that it is a excellent source of written content. It truly is really entertaining. But it also suggests that it truly is a excellent supply of content material for us as entrepreneurs. So today what we’re heading to be talking about is two major teams below.

We’re heading to initially be conversing about the options of Reddit, the distinct matters that you can use on Reddit to locate good articles thoughts. Then we’re heading to be talking about five ways that you can get and apply these days to start acquiring concepts for your firm, for your clients and commence finding that successful articles. 

Options of Reddit

So initially, Reddit as a breakdown below.


To start with, a significant function of Reddit is referred to as subreddits. They’re fundamentally scaled-down forums in just Reddit, a lesser discussion board in a forum dedicated to a specific subject matter. So there might be a forum committed to videos and discussing videos. There is certainly a discussion board focused to food stuff and talking about various forms of meals, putting up images of food items, submitting recipes.

There is a discussion board for just about every little thing under the solar. If you can imagine of it, it is really possibly obtained a discussion board on Reddit. This is genuinely precious to us as entrepreneurs mainly because it signifies that persons are taking their interests and then placing it out there for us to see. So if we are striving to do do the job for a sports activities enterprise or if we are trying to do do the job for our enterprise that’s dentistry or anything like that, there is a subreddit committed to that matter, and we can go and discover people that are interested in that, that are most likely inside of our goal markets.

Upvoting and downvoting

You will find upvoting and downvoting. Fundamentally what this is, is folks write-up a piece of content material to Reddit, and then other buyers determine if they like it or not. They upvote it or they downvote it. The things that is upvoted is typically the good things. Individuals that are shelling out seriously near interest to Reddit are often upvoting and downvoting items. Then the factors that get the most upvotes start out climbing to the best so that other persons can see it.

It can be super valuable to us once more because this aids verify thoughts for us. This aids us see what is actually performing and what is not. Just before we even put pen to paper, prior to we even start out creating everything, we can see what has been the most upvoted. The most upvoted things leads to the future big feature, which is rankings. The things that receives voted the most ends up ranking on the top rated of Reddit and gets to be a lot more seen.

It becomes easier for us to find as entrepreneurs, and the good thing is we can acquire a glimpse at all those rankings and see if any of that matches the written content we’re seeking to build. 


There’s the opinions part. Effectively what this is, is for each and every publish you can find a part dedicated to that submit for comments, the place people can remark on the put up. They can remark on feedback. It really is pretty much like a concentration group.

It can be like a target group with no truly remaining there in human being. You can see what individuals like, what persons really don’t like about the written content, how they felt about it. Perhaps they even have some content concepts of their possess that they are sharing in there. It really is an extremely useful position to be. We can get these distinct features and start digging in to find written content ideas employing these down listed here.

Reddit look for & filters

Look for bar

The search bar is a Reddit element that operates relatively very well. It will likely generate mediocre results most of the time. But you can drill down a little more with that search bar making use of look for parameters. These parameters are issues like looking by creator, looking by web page.

Lookup parameters

There are a great deal of various searches that you can use. There’s a full record of them on Reddit. But this primarily makes it possible for you to choose that mediocre lookup bar and make it a tiny little bit a lot more effective. If you want to seem for sports content material, you can glimpse specifically at information posted from and see what has been the most upvoted there. 

Limit outcomes to subreddit

You can restrict your results to a particular subreddit. So if you are trying to glance for content all-around hen dishes, you happen to be executing get the job done for a restaurant and you’re hoping to obtain what’s been the most upvoted articles about hen, you you should not want people calling each other chickens. So what you can do is limit your look for to a subreddit so that you essentially get chicken the food items somewhat than posts talking about that guy is a hen.

Filter final results

You can filter results. This in essence means that you can choose all the outcomes that you get from your research and then you can recategorize it based mostly off of how a lot of upvotes it can be gotten, how not too long ago it was posted, how quite a few feedback it has. 

Filter subreddits

Then you can also filter subreddits them selves. So you can get subreddits, all the material that’s been posted there, and you can search at what’s been the most upvoted content material for that subreddit.

What has been the most controversial information from that subreddit? What is been the most upvoted? What is actually been the most downvoted? These characteristics make it a definitely user-welcoming place in conditions of acquiring really entertaining stuff. Which is why Reddit is frequently like a black gap of efficiency. You can get missing down it and remain there for hrs.

That performs in our profit as marketers. That indicates that we can go through, take these various options, implement them to our own promoting requirements, and obtain those people genuinely good material ideas. 

5 methods to acquiring articles suggestions on Reddit

So for some illustrations below. There is a established of key measures that you can use. I’m going to use some true-entire world examples, so some accurate-blue factors that we’ve carried out for consumers so that you can see how this essentially is effective in serious life.

1. Do a typical research for your topic

The initially stage is to do a common search for your topic. So actual-globe instance, we have a client that is in the transportation area. They work with shuttles, with limos, and with taxis. We wanted to create some information close to limos. So the way we started off in these essential steps is we did a normal research for limos.

Our research yielded some attention-grabbing points. We noticed that a ton of people were putting up images of extend limos, of just wild limo interiors. But then we also observed a great deal of individuals chatting about presidential limos, the limos that the president rides in that have the bulletproof glass and all the things. So we started out noticing that, hey, there is certainly some good written content listed here about limos. It type of assisted frame our brainstorming and our content material mining. 

2. Come across a subreddit that suits

The following action is to obtain a subreddit that suits that certain subject. Now there is a subreddit dedicated to limos. It is not the most energetic. There wasn’t a ton of written content there. So what we ended up doing was looking at far more wide subreddits. We looked at like the vehicles subreddit.

There was a subreddit focused to guides and to breakdowns of diverse machines. So there have been a great deal of breakdowns, like cutaways of the presidential limos. So all over again, that was coming up. What we noticed in the common lookup was coming up in our subreddit precise lookup. We have been observing presidential limos once more.

3. Glance at subreddit content material from the past month

Stage 3, glance at that sub’s specific content from the previous month. The subreddit, for illustration, that we had been hunting at was 1 focused to cars, as I experienced mentioned earlier. We appeared at the prime written content from that past month, and we noticed there was this actually great GIF that primarily took the Chevy emblem back from like the ’30s and slowly and gradually morphed it around the yrs into the Chevy emblem that we noticed currently.

We imagined that was fairly neat. We begun asking yourself if possibly we could utilize that exact variety of strategy to our presidential limo acquiring that we ended up looking at earlier. 

4. Establish trends, styles, and sticky concepts

Quantity 4 was to detect trends, styles, and sticky suggestions. Sticky tips, it just indicates if you come across one thing and it just kind of sticks in your head, like it just form of stays there, very likely that will materialize for your viewers as perfectly.

So if you arrive throughout something that you discover seriously appealing, that keeps sticking in your head or retains popping up on Reddit, it retains acquiring lots of upvotes, determine that thought for the reason that it’s likely to be beneficial. So for us, we started determining tips like morphing GIFs, the Chevy symbol morphing over time. We started identifying ideas like presidential limos. Men and women really like conversing about it.

5. Polish, make improvements to, and up-amount the ideas you’ve got identified

That led us to use Stage Selection 5, which is to choose these ideas that we ended up locating, polish them, make improvements to them, just one up it, acquire it to the following amount, and then develop some articles all-around that and boost it. So what we did was we took those people two tips, we took presidential limos and the complete morphing GIF idea over time, and we combined them.

We located photos of all of the presidential limos due to the fact like the ’50s. Then we took each individual of those presidential limos and we created a morphing GIF out of them, so that you started off with the outdated presidential limos, which truly weren’t actually secure. They were being convertibles. They had been ordinary automobiles. Then that little by little morphed up to the substantial tanks that we have today. It was a big good results.

It was just a GIF. But that thought experienced been validated mainly because we ended up searching at what was the most upvoted, what was the most downvoted, what was rated, what was not ranked, and we noticed some thoughts that we could take, one particular up, and polish. So we established this morphing presidential limo, and it did truly effectively.

It got coverage in a good deal of main information networks. ABC Information picked it up. CBS talked about it. It even got posted to Reddit later on and done seriously very well on Reddit. It was all simply because we were being equipped to choose these attributes, mine down, drill down, come across those people good material concepts, and then polish it and make it our personal. 

I’m actually interested to listen to if you’ve tried out this in advance of. Maybe you have viewed some genuinely very good suggestions that you would like to try out out on Reddit.

Do you have like a preferred look for perform that you use on Reddit? Do you like to filter by the previous year? Do you like a individual subreddit? Allow me know down in the remarks. Fantastic luck mining strategies. I know it will perform for you. Have a good working day.

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