Intro to Python – Whiteboard Friday

Intro to Python - Whiteboard Friday

Python is a programming language that can assistance you uncover unbelievable Seo insights and help save you time by automating time-consuming jobs. But for all those who have not explored this side of lookup, it can be daunting. In this episode of Whiteboard Friday, Britney Muller and a true python skilled named Pumpkin supply an intro into a valuable software which is worth your time to understand.

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Hey, Moz followers. Welcome to another version of Whiteboard Friday. Today we’re speaking all about introduction to Python, which is why I have a special co-host in this article. She is a ball python herself, total professional. Her name is Pumpkin, and she’s the finest. 

What is Python?

So what is Python? This has been in the industry a lot lately. You can find a good deal of commotion that you really should know how to use it or know how to speak about it. Python is an open up supply, object-oriented programming language that was made in 1991.

Less complicated to use than R

Some entertaining info about Python is it is really usually compared to R, but it is arguably far more simple to use. The syntax just in many cases feels far more straightforward and prevalent-perception, like when you’re new to programming. 

Big corporations use it

Substantial businesses use it. NASA, Google, tons of companies out there use it for the reason that it truly is commonly supported.

It is open up resource

It is open source. So pretty awesome. Whilst we are going as a result of this Whiteboard Friday, I would like it if we would do a minimal Python programming these days. So I am just likely to talk to that you also take a look at this in another tab, Download the variation for your laptop or computer and we will get back again to that. 

Why does Python subject?

So why should you care? 

Automates time-consuming responsibilities

Python is exceptionally effective due to the fact it aids you automate time-consuming responsibilities. It can do these items at scale so that you can free of charge up your time to work on better-level wondering, to get the job done on more system. It is really really, genuinely remarkable exactly where these points are likely. 

Log file evaluation

Some illustrations of that are factors like log file examination. Consider if you could just set up an automated program with Python to notify you any time one particular of your most important pages wasn’t getting crawled as routinely as it generally is. You can do all kinds of points. Let’s say Google crawls your robots.txt and it throws out a server error, which quite a few of you know will cause huge difficulties. It can warn you. You can set up scripts like that to do actually complete responsibilities. 

Inside backlink evaluation

Some other examples, interior link analysis, it can do a truly wonderful task of that. 

Uncover key phrase prospects

It can assist you find key phrase options by searching at bulk keyword information and pinpointing some definitely important indicators. 

Graphic optimization

It really is really wonderful for factors like graphic optimization. It can car tag and alt textual content photographs. It can do actually effective matters there. 

Scrape sites

It can also scrape the internet sites that you happen to be doing work with to do actually significant volume jobs. 

Google Search Console information analysis

It can also pull Google Look for Console facts and do evaluation on people varieties of points.

I do have a record of all of the individuals in just Search engine marketing who are currently performing truly, seriously powerful issues with Python. I very suggest you examine out some of Hamlet Batista’s modern scripts where by he’s employing Python to do all kinds of seriously amazing Web optimization tasks. 

How do you run Python?

What does this even seem like? So you have hopefully downloaded Python as a programming language on your laptop. But now you need to have to operate it someplace. In which does that reside? 

Established up a virtual ecosystem using Terminal

So initially you ought to be placing up a virtual atmosphere. But for the goal of these examples, I am just going to inquire that you pull up your terminal application.

Intro to Python - Whiteboard Friday

It seems like this. You could also be operating Python inside of a little something like Jupyter Notebook or Google Colab. But just pull up your terminal and let us examine and make absolutely sure that you have downloaded Python appropriately. 

Test to make sure you’ve got downloaded Python correctly

So the 1st thing that you do is you open up up the terminal and just sort in “python –model.” You ought to see a readout of the version that you downloaded for your pc. That is great. 

Activate Python and execute essential duties

So now we are just heading to activate Python and do some actually simple duties. So just style in “python” and hit Enter. You really should ideally see these three arrow items in your terminal. From right here, you can do anything like print (“Hello, Entire world!”). So you enter it just like you see it in this article, strike Enter, and it will say “Hello there, Planet!” which is pretty great.

Intro to Python - Whiteboard Friday

You can also do entertaining points like just simple math. You can incorporate two figures collectively working with one thing like this. So these are particular person strains. Just after you total the print (sum), you may see the readout of the sum of these two quantities. You can randomly make numbers. I recognize these aren’t immediate Search engine optimization apps, but these are the foolish things that give you assurance to run plans like what Hamlet talks about.

Have enjoyable — try building a random selection generator

So I very recommend you just have fun, make a small random variety generator, which is really neat. Mine is pulling random quantities from to 100. You can do to 10 or whatsoever you would like. A exciting actuality, after you hit Enter and you see that random number, if you want to go on, applying your up arrow will pull up the very last command within your terminal.

It even goes back again to these other ones. So that’s a truly speedy way to rerun something like a random amount generator. You can just crank out a bunch of them if you want for some reason. 

Automating different jobs

This is in which you can get started to get into really awesome scripts as perfectly for pulling URLs using Requests HTML. Then you can pull distinctive facts from web pages.

You can pull at bulk tens of countless numbers of title tags inside a URL listing. You can pull things like H1s, canonicals, all kinds of items, and this will make it extremely quick to do it at scale. One of my favorite ways to pull matters from URLs is employing xpath within just Python.

This is a ton easier than it seems to be. So this may be an xpath for some web-sites, but web-sites are marked up in a different way. So when you happen to be striving to pull anything from a distinct web page, you can correct-click on into Chrome Developer Applications. Within Chrome Developer Applications, you can ideal-click what it is that you might be attempting to scrape with Python.

You just decide on “Duplicate xpath,” and it will give you the actual xpath for that web site, which is kind of a pleasurable trick if you’re having into some of this stuff. 


What are libraries? How do we make this stuff much more and far more highly effective? Python is seriously sturdy on its personal, but what makes it even stronger are these libraries or packages which are add-ons that do amazing factors.

This is just a compact share of libraries that can do items like knowledge assortment, cleaning, visualization, processing, and deployment. One particular of my favourite ways to get some of the extra well known offers is just to obtain Anaconda, since it arrives with all of these usually utilised, most well known deals.

So it is really variety of a wonderful way to get all of it in a person spot or at the very least most of them. 

Understand additional

So you’ve got variety of dipped your toes and you variety of have an understanding of what Python is and what men and women are utilizing it for. In which can you study more? How can you begin? Nicely, Codecademy has a actually wonderful Python study course, as properly as Google, Kaggle, and even the web-site have some actually great means that you can examine out.

This is a listing of men and women I truly admire in the Search engine optimization area, who are undertaking remarkable get the job done with Python and have all influenced me in distinct strategies. So certainly preserve an eye on what they are up to:

But yeah, Pumpkin and I have truly liked this, and we hope you did far too. So thank you so substantially for joining us for this exclusive edition of Whiteboard Friday. We will see you before long. Bye, guys.

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