How do you treat your clogged sink?


How do you treat your clogged sink?

You are alone at home and you are confronted with the clogged sink, you are panicking and you do not know what to do?  The professional blocking company – Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου – suggests 5 ways to unplug your kitchen sink yourself.

The chances of you having trouble unplugging your kitchen sink are very high. Consider that food scraps, grease, and other small items will still fall into the sink that can cause your sink to clog.

However, the solutions are many, we would say easy most of the time. All you need to do is rinse your sink in a few clever ways. So you can start by yourself to see if you can rinse your sink or your bathroom in these easy ways.  If you see that you cannot solve this problem on your own, then you can call the Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου to have the experts solve your problem immediately and simply.

1. Use baking soda and salt with boiling water

The first step is to create a mixture with baking soda or salt. So fill a cup of coffee with an equal amount of soda and salt, then pour your mixture into the sink and let it act for about 20 minutes. As soon as these two mixtures take effect, boil water and after 20 minutes, start slowly pouring boiling water into your sink. The reason we use boiling water instead of cold is that the problem is mainly caused by food residues and with the magic mixture and boiling water these residues will dissolve immediately.

2. Use baking soda and white vinegar

As you can see, baking soda is a great weapon for dealing with a clogged sink. Now another way is to pour half a cup of baking soda into the sink. Allow the soda to act for a few minutes and then add half a cup of white vinegar.

Now,  wait for several hours for the mixture to work. It’s best to do it at night before you go to bed. The sink will be empty and the mixture will work better. Once you wake up pour plenty of water to flow from the tap to see the results of your effort. The baking soda in combination with vinegar has the ability to dissolve accumulated fat from the walls of the sink, as well as food debris that sticks to the pipes.

3. Use a rubber suction cup

This is the simplest way to deal with the problem of a clogged sink. All you need is a rubber suction cup. What you need to take care of is to make sure that the suction cup is in contact with your kitchen sink.

Before installing the suction cup in your sink, remove the water that may be in your sink.  Place the suction cup on the drain hole and make sure it is in good contact.

Next, place the suction cup on the drain hole and make sure it is in good contact. Holding the suction cup from the pole, start raising and lowering it with sharp and quick movements.

The suction, caused by this movement combined with the power of the water, will come off that the sink has clogged.

4. Use a wire hanger

Surely we all have a wire hanger in our house. Even if you don’t have a wire hanger, you can easily find it even in the market. The first thing to do is straighten it and use pliers to make a home-made hook on the edge.

Now you are ready to unplug your kitchen sink or even your bathroom. If dirt, food debris or hair is trapped, you will be able to fish them with the hook for sure.

However, a little care is needed in the movement. Do not push the hook down as it will make the situation worse. If you see that your effort has paid off, let some hot water run. Otherwise, try another method.

If your bathroom sink still looks like a mountain, call – Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου.
The best way to deal with a problem is to prevent it. You don’t have to go to the point of being confronted with your clogged sink to take drastic action.

5. Use commercial blocking products

Following the instructions on the product packaging, discard the amount you recommend in the middle of the mouthpiece of the sink. Leave it on and then pour hot water. Be careful when using such products as they form chemical compounds, increase the temperature, and may cause burns and respiratory problems. Experts suggest avoiding the use of commercial blocking products, as you may cause irreparable damage to your pipes such as corrosion and cracking, and increase the cost of repairs vertically.

How to prevent the sink from clogging?

To prevent the sink from clogging:

  • stop throwing small objects in the sink
  • Place a protective net in the mouth to prevent debris from entering the pipes
  • Be especially careful with grease and oil that falls into the sink.
  • After each use, pour plenty of warm water with a little dish detergent.

If the problem persists, trust the – Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου – and they will be at your disposal immediately with a call. The Unblocking Company Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου has a state-of-the-art fleet and well-trained staff to successfully take care of any problems that may occur in your sink as well as in bathtubs, toilet bowls, pipes, and drains.

With state-of-the-art machinery and a special camera that penetrates and locates any blockage at great depths, you no longer have to worry about damage to your sinks and sewers in general. It also has a water jet machine that repairs even the most difficult blockage.

In addition, the company “Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου” has complete packing control and cleaning packages to get rid of future problems permanently.

Every day, 24 hours a day, even Sundays and holidays, it takes care of all your damage with speed, professionalism, reliability, responsibility, and discretion.


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