Google Search Patent Update – December 18, 2020

Google Search Patent Update – December 18, 2020

Welcome back to an additional week for the geeks.

The past handful of weeks were a little bit uneventful, but I did come up with a number of that genuinely are really worth a browse.

As normally, patents get some time to get into, but the extra of them you read, the less complicated it will get.

So, please do get some time to simply click as a result of and give them a full read.

It can only make you a far better Search engine optimisation.

Also, my to start with put up of 2021 will be a round-up of all the Google search-linked patents that I collected more than the yr that was 2020. Be certain to stay tuned for that.

  • Submitted: April 26, 2020
  • Awarded: Nov 10, 2020


“Example areas of the present disclosure are directed to units and procedures that utilize a equipment-uncovered view classification product to classify parts (e.g., sentences, phrases, paragraphs, etcetera.) of paperwork (e.g., information posts, website web pages, and so on.) as being thoughts or not thoughts. More, in some implementations, portions classified as thoughts can be thought of for inclusion in an informational show. For example, document portions can be rated in accordance to value and chosen for inclusion in an informational exhibit centered on their position. “


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Dave’s Notes

This just one, as with most patents, can be tailored and employed in a variety of ways, it does appear that a good deal of the initial impetus is to information, (or possibly blogs).

By comprehending the tenor/opinion of a document it can be rated accordingly.

As mentioned in the patent, “a part of the document that has been labeled as belief and/or rated as acquiring significant value.” One could also imply that it even more limits the user’s exposure to new data by showing remarkably ranked data that reinforces their possess perceived thoughts on a matter (question).

From the Patent

“Understanding of written content (e.g., textual articles) contained in a doc by a computing procedure is a challenging trouble. Even in the professional news journalism room, wherever article content are usually penned in higher high-quality language and syntax, computing programs are now equipped to realize only incredibly small about the actual articles of news content articles. In addition, analyzing how a offered article compares to other, similar information articles written by other journalists is an even extra tough task.”

“Example elements of the existing disclosure are directed to devices and procedures that hire a device-learned view classification product to classify parts (e.g., sentences, phrases, paragraphs, etcetera.) of paperwork (e.g., news posts, world-wide-web webpages, and so on.) as becoming thoughts or not viewpoints. Even further, in some implementations, portions labeled as views can be regarded for inclusion in an informational display screen. For example, document parts can be ranked according to importance and picked for inclusion in an informational show dependent on their ranking. “


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  • Filed: March 27, 2019
  • Awarded: Dec 1, 2020

Dave’s Get

As I was digging this patent (on personalization) it discusses (in element) the PageRank/Random Surfer tactic. And the limits therein.

For all those not all that personal with it, which is the main element of one-way links, which is an naturally essential area.

They request to adapt this by a much more customized solution and a “profile rank” to superior tailor the current (PageRank established) search results… In any case, appealing things.

From the Patent

“In actuality, a consumer like the random surfer by no means exists. Each individual user has his very own preferences when he submits a question to a research engine. The top quality of the research final results returned by the motor has to be evaluated by its users’ gratification. When a user’s choices can be properly outlined by the question by itself, or when the user’s preference is equivalent to the random surfer’s desire with regard to a unique question, the consumer is additional probably to be contented with the research success. Nevertheless, if the user’s choice is drastically biased by some particular variables that are not evidently reflected in a look for query alone, or if the user’s preference is rather diverse from the random user’s choice, the lookup results from the exact look for engine may perhaps be fewer helpful to the consumer, if not ineffective.”

  • Filed: May 23, 2019
  • Awarded: Dec 15, 2020


“From the content material of a doc, a factual entity that relates to the material of the doc is decided. Articles for a information panel is requested. A information panel is a consumer interface ingredient that gives a assortment of content connected to the factual entity. The contents of the understanding panel is acquired for contemporaneous display on the user product with the material of the doc.”

Dave’s Notes

Interestingly this a person does not really have a ton of new components we’d not be common with when it will come to information panels, but I’ve in fact not noticed a ton of descriptive patents on them. So, it is well worth inclusion in this article right now.

For example, if you are not familiar with what an entity is fully, they do describe them as, “Entities can include things like, but are not constrained to, a human being, location, country, landmark, animal, historical event, group, company, sports staff, sporting function, film, song, album, video game, perform of artwork, or any other acceptable entity.”


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From the Patent

“However, when producing search queries to submit to the lookup engine, the user frequently needs to present contextual info of the document in the query. For illustration, a user may be authoring a doc to describe bears in the Smokey Mountains. The query the consumer will need to have to formulate will want to express this informational want.”

“In some implementations, a information panel delivers a summary of information and facts for the entity. For example, a know-how panel for a singer may well involve the title of the singer, an image of the singer, a description of the singer, just one or extra points about the singer, and written content that identifies tracks and albums recorded by the singer.”

“In some implementations, a information panel can give much more granular info. For case in point, if a document area is about the singer’s childhood, the understanding panel can give details relating to the school the singer attended, a snippet about the city the singer grew up in, and the singer’s recollections of escalating up there.”


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That is about it for this 7 days individuals. If there’s a precise region of lookup that you’d be fascinated in looking through up on, truly feel no cost to get in touch with me.

I am normally joyful to enable.

See you next week!

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